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What is a Beadlock Wheel?

RC beadlock wheels secure the tyre to the rim, even during challenging terrain navigation.

What is a Beadlock Rim?

this refers to a type of wheel rim used in RC vehicles. Rims are designed to prevent the tyre from falling off during intense maneuvers

What Crawler size are your wheels suitable for?

We sell sizes from 1/10 to 1/24 Crawler Wheels

whats the difference between a 1/10 and 1/24 rc crawler wheel
1/10 and 1/24 refer to the scale of remote control (RC) crawler models. The scale indicates the size of the model in relation to the real-life counterpart. A 1/10 scale RC crawler is larger than a 1/24 scale RC crawler. Consequently, the difference between 1/10 and 1/24 RC crawler wheels lies primarily in their size and the characteristics that result from that difference:

Size: The most obvious difference is the size of the wheels. A 1/10 scale RC crawler wheel is larger than a 1/24 scale wheel. This affects the overall height, width, and diameter of the wheel.

Performance: Larger wheels on a 1/10 scale RC crawler can provide better ground clearance, allowing the vehicle to navigate rough terrain more effectively. They can also provide improved traction on various surfaces due to their larger contact area.

Realism: Since 1/10 scale RC crawlers are larger, their wheels tend to look more realistic when compared to their real-life counterparts. The finer details of the wheel design and tire pattern are more visible in a larger scale.

Obstacles: Smaller scale RC crawlers, such as 1/24 scale, might struggle with larger obstacles and rough terrain due to their smaller wheel size. The larger wheels of a 1/10 scale RC crawler can often handle more significant obstacles and challenging terrains.

Control: Smaller scale RC crawlers can sometimes offer more precise control due to their reduced size and weight. However, larger scale crawlers can compensate with more powerful motors and better traction.

Portability: 1/24 scale RC crawlers are generally more portable and easier to transport due to their smaller size. This can make them a good option for indoor or limited-space environments.

In summary, the primary difference between 1/10 and 1/24 RC crawler wheels is their size, which has a cascading effect on performance, realism, and the types of terrains and obstacles they can handle. Your choice between the two will depend on your preferences, the available space for operating the RC crawler, and the type of terrain you intend to navigate.
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