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What's the difference between a Propeller and an Impeller?

The difference between a propeller and an impeller is the way they move fluids. Propellers move through a fluid, creating thrust by generating lift, while impellers are submerged in a fluid, creating a flow by spinning the vanes or blades.

What does pitch mean on Boat Propellers?

The pitch of a propeller refers to the distance that a propeller would travel during one complete revolution if it were moving through a solid substance, such as water or air.

Do you sell propellers for RC Yachts?

Many of our propellers are suitable for RC Yachts

Do you have Small Model Boat Propellers?

Yes, we have propellers that are 40mm and below

Whats the difference between 2 blade and 3 blade boat propellers?

2 blade propellers are often more efficient and offer higher top speeds and acceleration. 3 Blade propellers usually offer more thrust and lift.

What sort of propeller do you recommend when starting out with Petrol/Gas Boats?

Most people recommend starting with an Octura X470/2 or the equivalent propeller TFL 7014250.

Do you sell Second Hand Propellers?

Noahs RC Ark doesn't sell second hand propellers, but there might be listings on our community's second-hand page here. We're planning to launch a propeller rental scheme soon, allowing you to borrow propellers and find the perfect fit for your racing style.

Why should I buy Aluminium Propellers instead of Copper or Nylon?

Historically, aluminium propellers faced issues with blade shearing when the hub and blades were manufactured separately and then brazed together. However, today's TFL aluminium propellers undergo precise CNC machining, eliminating the need for additional adjustments. Unlike copper propellers that require sharpening, balancing, and polishing, TFL aluminium propellers are ready to use, providing enhanced durability and versatility with a range of pitch, diameter and blade styles.


Compared to copper and nylon, these aluminium propellers have a favorable weight-to-strength ratio, providing similar strength to copper but with weights comparable to nylon. This lightweight design enables quicker attainment of peak rotational speed, resulting in faster acceleration. Proven in our Noah's RC Ark Team racing boats, these aluminium props, available in 2, 3, and 4 blade versions with both left and right-hand rotations, contribute to higher top speeds than competitors using similar-style props.
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